Some Words From Our Clients....

"I want to thank you for the incredible care you provided to my family when we had only two days to find the right place for my father-in-law before he was released from the hospital.  You calmed us down and went to work.  I cannot overstate the sense of relief we had knowing you were in our corner and using all of your knowledge and connections to rescue my father-in-law from a potentially desperate situation.  You are the best of the best.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." - Rabbi Steve Leder


"Sarah is really amazing. She takes real time to talk to you and asks all the right questions. She spent a half hour on the phone with me getting to know me and my mother and then we went to visit a couple of places the next day. In between our phone chat and meeting at facilities,  she checked with other colleagues about some of the more difficult aspects of my mother's case. I feel that she puts the welfare of my mother over the speedy conclusion of business. There is no pressure from her end and I really feel like she genuinely cares about what she is doing. The facilities we visited knew her and liked her, which leads me to believe that she is well respected all around. I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Hopper, Mid-City


"Sarah is an a business where every situation is unique - with different needs, concerns and dynamics, and usually multiple parties in the equation - each bringing their own emotions and concerns to the process.  Sarah has consistently been able to see the issues from all angles, each step of the way.  She is warm and caring, but transparent and honest.  Because of her experience, she has been able to identify issues we wouldn't have thought of, knows the 'inside scoop' on different places, and then helps us in discussions with different facilities about tailoring what they can offer (beyond what they publicly present) to best meet the needs of our parents. This whole process would not have been as smooth if Sarah had not joined our team.  We couldn't recommend Sarah enough."

- Dena, Hancock Park


"I want to tell you how grateful I am that you took me to Silverado - it has  been just the right place for Donna.   The beginning was rough specially at night and now 3 months later she is settled night and day - Cheryl there calls her the Mayor - she is has a strong presence checking on others, making her voice known when she is upset or not happy about something!  Too busy playing dominoes to talk to me the other day!!  so thanks again for what you did in taking me there!!!!"   - Ruth, Los Angeles